School of Dave Head Professor David Santee Daveisms
Good Story If I was your coach, and I am How can one girl/guy be this great?
One big step back Ready, set, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Next on Oprah
You can't leave, the plants will die I'm rearranging my sock drawer Lucy, you gotta lotta splainin to do
More Cowbell U R A great one Skating for Super Dummies, page ____
Birthday Dance I feel like a $1.92 Sarcasapult engaged
That might be bad for your health Hammer of Thor Double Dudelicious
I should have gone to the right I care deeply And then I found $5
With a cherry on top Sometimes I feel like a little girl II'm crying right here
Little, little, little Zaba Ge Doune The Directorate
Oh Schnooky Who said that? Evil Jump-o-meter
Smile & nod Loved it so much better than Cats Fantastic!!
The big explosion No speakit ta english "A swing and a drive"
Stunn-ed and shock-ed Bon Jovi Gonna tho u in da thwammin poo
She got all of that one Au reservoir I am cooler than anyone has a right to be
Put the Candle back! Hey Big Jim It's a greet dee fer skeetin
Do you stand for goodness or badness? Looks good on you, though You're such a girl
The fans go wild Ne, ne ne, ne ne, ne, ne, ne ne ne ne I had you in the office pool
Der Vekaschlunk You are playing like Betty White out there Oh snap!
He'll be crying himself to sleep on his huge pillow A thrill ride for the entire family You have made me angry and I do not wish to be
No you!! You looka like a man Clutchhhh!!!!!!
Huge!!!! Unacceptable Note to self
Getting in a late round, Tyyyyyyye Gunslinger Luke, I am your Father
Sorry, Roger, you tiger now Donde esta la casa de la pee pee Al Ze Veek
Dopey Wan Kenobi Homey TD, Homey Windshield,Homey Slide Mr Foamy
Grandma Stumpy I can't do it, I don't have the power x10 -3 +5
I pol gi How many hatz u got? The answer is 3
The "La La" song Did I say that out loud? I was almost proud to know you
Lighten up Francis Way to go Charley Jim Why don't you cry about it, Saddlebags
I hate that Bob Barker Are you happy, Clark? She's dead Strong like bull
Go to penalty Box feel shame Naaaghh!!!! Dark, evil, menacing, and Sinister
There is a Piper down What did you do? Mr Poopy Pants
I webbed you I am adopted Lost at the bakery
That's on my next Album Ruh Roh Too much Caffeine, Bob?
Sammy Good Story Betty White Cuppy
Pujols Puckdrop Slowsky Nemo
Flash Chinstrap Critter Joshika
Schmagrumpster Sharpie Foofah Hoss
Schmorgan Wily Coyote Yekop Shagrandma
Fred Sparky Rocket J Squirrel Millie
Doctor Sunshine Eggnog Zoolander Agnache Pace Car
Sküz Broooce Zippy Flex
Stoney Ben Franklin Mr. Comedy The Gunner
Crash Professor Hammer Swiffer
Ljudmila Dennis the Menace Evil Sinister Cherry
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