Results of the 2010 Winter Moosefest held on December 23rd, 2010 at the Oakton Sports Complex.

Uber Division-
Champions, Evil Empire. Team General Manager, David Santee. Team Captain, P.K. Novales. Ryan Bradley, Collin Brubaker, Rockne Brubaker, John Butch, Matt Butch, Megan Hyatt, Ryan Santee

Runner up- Dynamo Chernobyl. General Manager, Josh Fischel. Captain, Chris Santee. Katie Goodwin, Kristen Goodwin, Kyle Goodwin, Eric Leser, Jordan Mann, Mike Peters, Mike Santee.

3rd Place- Vipers. Team Captain, Rikki Wescott. Al Ellsworth, Dan Ellsworth, Erin Ellsworth,Megan Ellsworth, Maverick Eguila, Osadolo Irowa, Kevin Sutton, Kevin Allison

Incredibowl Football- Evil Empire 6 Dynamo Chernobyl 0
Shootout of the Superstars- 1st Place Dynamo Chernobyl 2nd Place Vipers
Fleur Le Guy Hockey- Evil Empire 4 Dynamo Chernobyl 0
Mrs. Doubtfire Broomball- Evil Empire 1 Dynamo Chernobyl 0

Hey Big Jim Division
Champions, Jets. Captain Jimmie Santee. Lindsey Anderson, Julie Brinskelle, Hannah Moy, Kelsey Philipps, Reilly Philipps, Jamie Santee, Jessica Santee, Sarah Santee,

Runner up- Senators. Captain, Sarah Koeller. Leah Barsanti, Ania Biernat, Angela Como, Katie Kreisel, Shalayne Pulia, Lindsey Roman, Jennifer Wesson

3rd Place- Aeros. Captain- Abby Koeller. Makala Arn, Alyssa Carbonara, Theresa DeLuca, Mirae Mastrolonardo, Reina Nagasaka, Ema Takahashi, Emi Takahashi

Incredibowl Football- Senators 14 Jets 13
Shootout of the Superstars- 1st Place Jets, 2nd place Senators
Fleur Le Guy Hockey- Jets 0 Senators 0 OT Tie
Mrs Doubtfire Broomball- Jets 1 Senators 0 Shootout

Schmavie Division
Champions- Crunch. Captain, Amanda Cassarella. Abby Fernandez, Dana Ginsberg, Jacob Kahn, Richard Kahn, Corrie Lee, Cyrus Lee, Kevin Lee.

Runner up- Nordiks. Captain, Maggie Carey. Alessandra Barresi-Spalla, Kimberly Berger, Deanna Chioros, Taylor Chioros, Kelsey Grossart, Emily Hudomiet, Asia Szymanski, Kristen Zydowsky

3rd Place- Bears. Captain, Madeline Armetta, Anthony Azarcon, Angela Christie, Paul Egebrecht, Ashlyn Enright, Parthenia Gharavi, Fiona Lynch, Mary Claire Nagai, Monica Olszewski

Incredibowl Football- Crunch 14 Bears 7
Shootout of tehe Superstars- 1st Place Nordiks,  2nd Place Bears
Fleur Le Guy Hockey- Crunch 1 Nordiks 0 Shootout
Mrs Doubtfire Broomball- Crunch 1 Nordiks 0 Shootout

Captain Serious MVP
Which is your favorite Moosefest team?
Evil Empire
Bears free polls
2010 Winter- Ryan Santee
2010 Winter- Jacob & Richard Kahn
2010 Summer- Josh Fischel
2009 Winter Eric Levine
A brief history of Moosefest.
The concept began way back in the 80's with the formation of the Shootout of the Superstars. The idea was to have a figure skating competition where the skaters are judges and coaches, and the coaches would compete against some of the skaters. We even had school figures in the first few years. The general concept is still the same but now the only rules are a 2 minute time limit. This is due to the Jimmie Santee fiasco a few years back when he performed? an 8 minute program. When I returned to the Park Ridge park District in 2007, I wanted to recreate a fun day for the skaters like we used to do when I trained in Janesville Wisconsin. The first Winter Moosefest in 2008 featured the Shootout of the Superstars, foam ball hockey, and broomball .ln 2009, I decided to take the idea one step farther and formed teams to compete throughout the day. The Gorillas, led by Team Captain, Chris Santee, and MVP Eric Levine were crowned the first official team champions of Moosefest. 5 teams competed for the newly created Bullwinkle Cup.

By popular demand, a Summer Moosefest was introduced in June of 2010. Events included a Bubble Hockey Tournament, Volleyball, a Nickelodeon style obstacle course, and a Scavenger Hunt which was another event that had run on it's own in previous summers. Teams increased to 8 and there were over 70 competitors. Chris Santee's team, this time named Drakkar, once again claimed the Trophy. Chris, Katie Goodwin, and Megan Hyatt, are the only competitors to have their name on the trophy more than once.

The 2010 Winter Moosefest was the largest yet, with 9 teams and over 80 competitors. Teams were now placed in Divisions to make the competition more fair and fun.Evil Empire ended Chris Santee's streak of Championships. The other Division winners were the Jets and the Crunch.Events held were the Shootout of the Superstars, Snow Football, Foam Ball hockey, and Broomball.

Some notable competitors through the years include, Robert Morris University Goaltender, Eric Levine, Olympic Silver Medalist, Paul Wylie, Current National Champion, Ryan Bradley, 2 time National Pairs champion, Rockne Brubaker, National Dance Competitor, Collin Brubaker, 2010
State High School Volleyball runners up, John and Matt Butch,  and Dan Godlasky, Cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point.